And it's been over a week...

Maybe it's time to let the blog die. At this point, I feel like it's one of those pets you keep on life support long after you should.

I actually did some writing today during lunch. I'm working on a new story I hope to get going this summer.

This story is in its earliest stages. I mean, it's just an idea. Just a tiny little notion. A cool "what if?"

I think I could have a lot of fun with it.

I know how I want the story to unfold, and I know what I'd like to see happen in the end. Now I'm figuring out the details on how this happens.

This is always the best part of writing - the creation portion.

Kinda like babies, you know? The best part is making 'em. ;)

Joke! And funny links!

A Teaser For PEANUTS’ Return To The Big Screen!!

Superman takes us on a soaring GoPro journey in terrific fan film - not great, but fun:

Entry for this week!

Here it is - under the wire!

Okay, at this point, it probably seems like I'm posting just to say I posted. Maybe that's true.


I am getting closer to being back on a writing schedule. I'm finally feeling caught up on my work projects, more or less.

Well, I'm caught up on the ones where I mostly know what I'm doing. I have two projects, however, that make no sense and I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm just kind of waiting to see how these projects shake out.

...that's a casual way of saying that I'm ignoring them until someone starts yelling.

I honestly don't know what to do with these projects. They're both impossible to accomplish. To put it in Star Trek terms, they're the Kobayashi Maru of projects.


The marijuana biz slowly moves forward. I'm getting excited about the possibilities. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but it's REAL work - not what I do here.

I'll be building stuff, selling stuff, interacting with customers, and best of all, NOT sitting on the computer all day.

Humans are not made to sit at computers all day.

Well, some are, but who wants to hang out with those guys?

If I don't get the license, I'm going to have to do something drastic. Not bad drastic, but I'm going to have to shake something loose in my life. It can't stay the way it is. Ptooey.

That said, life has been pretty decent as of late. Work still sucks, and I'm overwhelmingly busy, but I'm pretty chipper. Weird, huh?

I wish all of you some chipper-ness too! Have a great weekend!

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The red-band trailer for STAGE FRIGHT asks, "Is it wrong to sing and dance when someone just died?"

See? I jinxed myself...

I said one blog a week, but that didn't happen.

To be fair, I was on vacation for the past week and a half. I went to California and had an awesometastic time! My kids performed Greek Dance, won some medals, I saw some friends, played with Legos, and drank lots of liquor.

Hm. Legos and liquor - that should be an Olympic event!

I'm off to a meeting, but here's some funny links! A few of these are kinda old, but maybe you missed 'em...

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Ah, my former days as a Mexican police officer:

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The New Trailer For Mike Judge’s First HBO Series SILICON VALLEY!!

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Rest In Peace Harold Ramis:

Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't have time to say much, but I didn't want you to think I gave up already.

One blog a week! Yeah, I can keep that up. ;)

Funny links!

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The visual guide to Marvel Comics characters and who has their movie rights:

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Whew! Diet OVER...

...well, sorta.

So my sister is a vendor for this company that sells healthy supplements, like shakes, pills, etc. The sellers hold these contests called "30 Days to Fit" where you only eat their shakes and supplements (plus one healthy meal) for 30 days. The winner of the contest (the person who loses the largest percentage of their weight) wins prize money that is gathered from everyone who enters (it's not a separate fee - I think they take a small percentage off of what we buy).

Anyhow, the prize for this last contest was $1000.


I needed to lose some weight and figured this would get me on the road. It's not the kind of diet I enjoy though - you give up all gluten, processed sugars, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine.

Once again - seriously.

You drink 2 of these shakes a day, specific veggies and fruits, and then a healthy meal for 30 days. I somehow managed to do all this.

Okay, I had a little caffeine during the 30 days, but not much. Maybe 7 cups total?

I was just surprised I could stay away from the alcohol for so long. And there were days I REALLY needed some alcohol.

Now, I knew there were a few other competitive guys, but I thought I could win this. As it got towards the end of the 30 days, one of my biggest competitors had lost at least 25 pounds. I knew I lost more, but he started out lighter than me. So for the last week? I went hardcore.

The last 2 days of the diet, I barely ate anything. I was lightheaded and miserable.

My loss for the month? 34 pounds.

Ain't no one beating that. And if they do, I wouldn't begrudge them my money, because they earned it!

Now? I'm trying to eat healthy still, but I'm eating food. And, yes, I'm eating wheat and dairy, I'm having caffeine, and tonight? Maybe I'll get a drink. I've earned it. :)

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The teaser for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Super Bowl spot is basically its own TV spot!

See? I'm coming back...

...I'm just doing it slowly.

I don't want to pull anything.

Can I tell you something? I miss writing.

I'm busy with all the stuff I previous posted (minus the kiddie story), so I don't have much time to just let my mind flow out in this!

It's funny, because writing stories can be such a struggle. I mean, I can usually figure out how to open a story, a few of the midpoint plot elements, and I can typically nail the ending, but making it all meld together? It's hard.

That's why I've been wondering lately what kind of writer I am.

I know I CAN write. And by that, I mean I feel I'm a somewhat interesting writer. (That doesn't sound too egotistical, does it?)

I think/hope/pray that what I write holds people's attentions. I don't just drone on and on and on...

Okay, maybe I talk about how busy I am a lot. But I think I know how to tell a story. When I talk to people, they usually don't get that foggy look in their eyes like, "Will this guy just get to his point?"

I know those people, and I don't think I'm one of them.

Of course, those people usually don't think they're one of those either.

Anyhow, I think I just need to find the right medium. Maybe I'm an essayist? That's a thing, right?

Or maybe I'm a novelist? Could I just keep writing like I am now and fill a few hundred pages? Probably. Would my ramblings have a point? I'd hope so.

Or maybe I'm just a blogger with delusions of grandeur.

Yeah, I could be that.

One thing I was wondering recently - does anyone else have a narrator in their head? I mean, my brain is constantly talking to me and playing out scenarios about my life. My mind doesn't shut up. That's actually all I'm typing here - that voice that just blabbers about EVERYTHING.

That's normal right?

Well, if I'm a sociopath, please don't tell me. It'll be more fun to find out on my own. ;)

Anyhoo, I'm heading out for the day. I did bring me some funny links though!


Deadly Red Band Trailer For Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways To Die In The West:

Laurence Fishburne Returns as Morpheus in Kia’s Super Bowl Commercial:

A Nifty BTS Reel From The Upcoming MARVEL UNIVERSE LIVE Show!!

The Muppets And Terry Crews’ Full Superbowl Car Ad – No Room For Boring:

Bill Hader's Killer "Star Wars" Impressions:

How much do you know about marijuana? Take the test!

A New Trailer For A LONG WAY DOWN!! This looks fun!

My Half Assed Cosplay Ideas - Heh...

Definitely not dead...

Hi world!

I'm still here. I know I disappeared. I was super-busy with a bunch of stuff, and just...well, somehow the desire to blog disappeared. It's slowly coming back. For those of you who are still here - stick around.

What have I been up to?

Well, in December I was occupied with several things: standard work, Christmas shopping, writing, and trying to start my own business.

Maybe I should back up.

Standard work - nothing new there. I just had a few projects I was trying to get off the ground and a few others I was trying to close. Same suckage, but decorated with tinsel.

Christmas shopping - it's something I've taken on myself. Over the years, I became the one that was in charge of doing the shopping for the kids. And I mean ALL the kids. My own two sweeties, plus four nephews, three nieces, and assorted kids of family friends. I understand kiddos (and toys), so it makes sense I take it over. That said, it's a lot of work. And, let's face it, when you get to my age, the only Christmas shopping you really do is for the kids. For the adults, they either get a gift card or some trinket for the home (if you get them anything at all). Anyhow, it fills up my time in December.

Writing - I really wanted to have a fairly sold draft of my children's story done. And I completed it...sort of. I finished a solid draft, but I wasn't sure if my images were practical given the amount of words per page, so I laid it out and actually drew pictures for every page. My art ain't pretty, but I'm proud of the accomplishment and I actually had fun doing the drawings. I noticed my art got better as the book went on too. I'm not using my art, but it works for a mock-up.

I read my story to a couple of kids and quickly came to a realization - it's too long. I mean, it's only 36 pages and each page is filled with a large picture, but there's still too much text. I need to lop off 4 pages and thin out the dialogue. Not an impossible task, but I've had to put it aside for the business stuff I'm doing.

"Business?" you might be saying. There's a whole story to it (and I'll go into it in another post), but - long story short - I've applied for a marijuana retail license. I live in one of the greatest states in the country - Washington. We have mild weather, a decent healthcare website, plenty of caffeine and technology, gay marriage, and now...legalized marijuana.

I've never been a marijuana smoker myself, but I appreciate the qualities of the substance and what it does (if used responsibly). And I love retail. I love, love, love it. If the pay was better, I'd be happy to toil my hours away working in a mall (as I did in high school and college).

A situation presented itself that made it (somewhat) practical to apply for a license, so that's what I did. I went to a seminar and did a ton of reading about marijuana and the law. I set up an s-corp with some partners, and we applied. I'm still doing a bunch of work for this, as there will be an interview to determine if we get the license. If we do, man, my life is going to be busy...but I'll be happy about it (at least, I believe so). And if we don't? Honestly, I'll trust that it wasn't meant to be and throw myself into another project.

Suffice it to say, 2014 is going to be an adventure. Check this blog from time to time if you want to hear how the adventure is going. ;)

No funny links for now, but they'll probably be back too. Have a great 2014 everyone!

Taking the good with the bad...


And ahhhh.

First, ahhh. My issues with the church project appear to be diminishing. I got a nice call from the vendor that's been causing me issues. Things might turn out okay. God, I hope so.

Second, grrr. My manager is causing me grief. Let me explain - before our work was reorganized, me and my current manager were on the same "level" in the org chart. Now he's my manager and he thinks he knows more than me.

(Hint: he doesn't.)

To top it all off, I just don't want to be here much. A lot of it has to do with our workspace. I'm not exactly a believer in feng-shui, but I'm in a temporary office space. I've been here for two years, and I'll be here another two years before we move into a real office.

It also has to do with the kind of work I do. It's boring and involves a lot of paperwork.

My kids this week said they really want to come and see me work. They think I do something AWESOME. I went to a computer in the house and started typing and surfing the web.

"Wanna see what I do at work? Here you go..."


After work I have to go do some plumbing at the property I manage. It's not pretty, and I'll probably get pretty filthy, but it's satisfying labor.

Plus I get to use the BIG wrench! The big wrench fixes everything!

Maybe I should whack my manager with it?

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Parkour Fail Compilation - I always wondered what happens when they miss:

Not too shabby...

This week has turned kinda fun. My children survived (and excelled) at their homework and projects, I took care of some projects that were hanging over my head, and my little writing project is almost ready for the next stage.

Weird how things can change.

Tonight - candy, beer, and bellyaches!

Hope you all have fun!

Funny links!

New Trailer Has Arrived for THE LEGO MOVIE!

A Trailer For Jackie Chan's Lean And Mean Looking POLICE STORY 2013!!

Newest WOLF OF WALL STREET trailer has a knuckle-biting Leo and a big-teethed Jonah Hill!

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Another two weeks...

Dangit! I never meant this blog to go biweekly!

I've had heavy stuff on my mind, but it hasn't killed me...yet.

Work is still nutty-busy. I care about the projects I'm working on because my name is attached to them. But when so many hands slow things down and want to muck things up - well, you just want to let them fail, you know?

The work at my church is progressing, but that's also kinda "eh." I'm getting a lot of kudos for that job, but part of me just wants to get off the roller coaster.

The thing that's stressing me out mostly now is my kids.

They're doing great - mostly. Let me see if I can explain...

First, there were parent-teacher conferences.

I went to my son's conference. The teacher said he's a great kid, but works on the slow side (he takes after me). However, the work he does is great. He's in the "advanced" program, so it makes sense that he's challenged. He's a sixth grader doing eighth grade math and reading.

Then I go to my daughter's conference. That teacher says she's a great kid too. Her work is good, but she's behind. This is confusing to me because the teacher of her class last year (at a different school) had her at the top of the class. Now? She's a fourth grader reading and doing math at a third grade level.

What happened?!?

The teacher is confident she can catch up, but I'm feeling like I failed her. I take it personally when my kids struggle. What did I do wrong? What am I not doing?

And my wife and I are working with our kids on their homework all the time (NOTE: we're not doing it for them, just sitting on them to do it and assisting where needed). Sometimes, it feels like this is all we do.

How does it work? Do other parents do this? Do other parents not care?

At the very least, I think I'm giving them a good foundation of what's expected and required. I asked my daughter if any of her classmates show up without finishing their homework. She gave me a disgusted look and said, "There's a few of them. I can't believe they don't do their work!"

That's good she can't believe it. I'm doing that part of my job right.

Actually, more than that. My kids are great, but parenting can just be kind of exhausting sometimes.

That said, it's still the best job I've got.

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