tosie_bonner (tosie_bonner) wrote,

Kids & sleep

I'm trying to figure out something:  when I put my kids to bed, generally, they don't want to go to sleep.  Fine.  I understand that.  They want to stay up and watch the Colbert Report.  Makes sense.

But in the morning?  They can't wait to get up.


What have they got going on that makes getting up so much better than sleeping?  It's like...if I don't get up now, I'm going to miss the opportunity to feed my make-believe dragon.  Or something like that.

But every morning, they just jump out of bed and can't wait to get their day started.

It's kind of cool (and tiring) when you think about it.  My other question to this is - when do we lose that excitement for the day?

At what point in life does it become preferable to sleep rather than get your day started?  My wife and I haven't had this choice in quite some time.  But if we did?  Eh, I assume we'd get up around 8am...maybe 9am. 

I guess we'd let our dragons fend for themselves.  ;)

Funny links!

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'Watchmen' Movie Image Revealed - Zack Snyder rules!

A clip of...something - just watch this.  You will scratch your head and chuckle heartily:

Show your support for topless women! - they DO have a point...unless they're talking about my mom, wife, sister, or daughter:

The 10 Greatest Movie Gunfights (with video evidence, of course):

Only in Japan (and in your most horrific wet dreams)...The Big Breast Olympics - damn, I've gotta visit this country:
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